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Common faults and solutions of small high pressure cleaning machine

2020-11-19 00:00:00

Small high pressure cleaning machine can be divided into three types: cold water, hot water and steam. Cold water type cleaning machine can only be cleaned with cold water, while hot water type cleaning machine can be cleaned with both hot water and cold water. Hot water high-pressure cleaning machine has special advantages in removing oil pollution. It is suitable for cleaning equipment and oil pipeline of food processing industry, feed processing enterprise, chemical industry and other enterprises. In the process of using the cleaning machine, it is inevitable that there will be failures. When there is a problem, it is necessary to find out the cause carefully according to different fault phenomena. Common faults and solutions of hot water high pressure cleaning machine:

Fault 1: spray gun does not spray water

1. The water inlet and water inlet filter are blocked;

2. The nozzle is blocked;

3. If necessary, remove the scale.

Fault 2: the outlet pressure is unstable

1. Insufficient water supply;

2. The air suction pipeline was caused by pipeline rupture and the detergent suction nozzle was not inserted into the detergent;

3. Nozzle wear;

4. High pressure water pump seal leakage.

Fault 3: the burner does not ignite

1. Insufficient air intake and white smoke;

2. The fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel nozzle are dirty and blocked;

3. The position of ignition electrode changes and the spark is too weak;

4. The solenoid valve is damaged;

5. The high voltage ignition coil is damaged;

6. The pressure switch is damaged.

Small high pressure cleaning machine above problems, you can find the reason, troubleshooting. However, in case of serious faults such as pump leakage and crankcase oil leakage, the cleaner should be sent to a professional maintenance department with complete accessories and strong technical force for repair, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses.



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