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Classification of common high pressure cleaning machines

2020-11-20 00:00:00

High pressure cleaning machine can be used for building cleaning, mechanical equipment cleaning, road cleaning and other occasions, so its product variety is more, so as to adapt to the needs of different occasions, better complete the task of cleaning. Now the common types of cleaning machine equipment can be divided according to the driving engine and purpose.

1. According to the driving engine, there are three types: electric high-pressure cleaner, gasoline high-pressure cleaner and diesel high-pressure cleaner.

As the name suggests, these three kinds of cleaning machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps. The difference is that they are respectively connected with motors, gasoline engines or diesel engines to drive the high-pressure pumps. The advantage of gasoline engine driven high pressure cleaner and diesel engine driven cleaner is that they can work in the field without power supply.

2. According to the use, there are three categories: household, commercial and industrial.

a. Household high pressure cleaning machine, the general pressure, flow and life is relatively low (generally less than 100 hours), the pursuit of portable, mobile flexible, simple operation.

b. Commercial cleaning machine, higher requirements for parameters, and frequent use, long use time, so the general life is relatively long.

c. Industrial high pressure cleaning machine, in addition to the general requirements, there are often some special requirements, water cutting is a good example.

Household, commercial and industrial high-pressure cleaning machines have no use requirements for the performance of the equipment, so the parameters of different kinds of products are different in production and manufacturing, and users should choose according to the actual use situation.



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