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Causes and solutions of insufficient outlet pressure of high pressure cleaning machine

2020-11-20 00:00:00

As the name suggests, high pressure cleaning machine is to use high pressure to achieve a better cleaning purpose. If the pressure of the equipment is insufficient, it will not play a good cleaning effect and seriously reduce the work efficiency. So what are the reasons for the lack of pressure and what are the solutions?

1. Power failure, if the power supply voltage is not enough, it will affect the normal operation of the high-pressure pump motor, thus reducing the output power of the high-pressure pump, making the water pressure of the high-pressure cleaning machine insufficient.

2. The insufficient inflow flow of the connected equipment leads to insufficient water flow, resulting in insufficient output pressure. The problem of the decrease of the outlet pressure can be solved by supplying sufficient inflow flow in time.

3. The high-pressure nozzle is seriously worn, and the excessive wear of the high-pressure nozzle will affect the outlet pressure of the equipment, so the new nozzle should be replaced in time.

4. If there is air in the clean water inlet filter, the air in the clean water inlet filter should be exhausted to ensure the standard outlet pressure.

5. After the overflow valve of high-pressure cleaning machine is aged, the overflow flow is large and the pressure becomes low. When it is found to be aged, it is necessary to replace the parts in time.

6. The leakage of high and low pressure water seal and inlet and outlet one-way valve leads to low working pressure, so these accessories should be replaced in time.

7. High pressure pipe, filter device kink, bend or damage, resulting in poor flow, resulting in insufficient outlet pressure, should be repaired in time.

8. High pressure pump internal failure, wearing parts, water flow decreased; The internal pipeline of the equipment is blocked, and the water flow is too small, which leads to the low working pressure.

Solution suggestions: for the power failure, only recovery can be done, and the seal ring is worn. Because the seal ring is a vulnerable part, it can only be replaced regularly, mainly the high-pressure pump, high-pressure water pipe and nozzle. These should be checked regularly, such as replacing the high-pressure pump lubricating oil regularly, paying attention to the placement of high-pressure water pipe, not too much bending, and the nozzle pressure should not be adjusted too much.

High pressure cleaning machine should do a good job in the use of regular inspection and maintenance work, only in this way, can extend the service life of the equipment, better ensure that the equipment can be used for a long time, play a high efficiency cleaning effect.



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