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Influence of high pressure nozzle on high pressure cleaning machine

2020-11-20 00:00:00

High pressure cleaning machine is widely used in industrial cleaning, cutting, derusting and other industries, its effect is directly related to the size of its pressure, there is also an important accessory is very important, that is, its high-pressure nozzle, which has an important impact on the use effect of the equipment.

The nozzle is composed of the nozzle body and the nozzle core, and the micropore is made of superhard gem material. In addition, the nozzle is made into a combined element because of the high neutral requirement of the static seal. Under the same pressure and flow rate, the cleaning effect and speed depend on the nozzle structure and processing quality. The restriction of water jet nozzle to fluid makes its velocity increase rapidly. The small change of nozzle diameter reflects the obvious difference of pump pressure.

When the power and pressure of the high-pressure cleaning machine are determined, the larger the nozzle diameter is, the greater the flow rate is, which indicates that the high-pressure water is easier to eject from the nozzle and form a jet. Therefore, the energy loss per unit mass of water flow will be smaller, that is to say, the pressure loss will be smaller, and the capacity utilization rate of the whole system will be very high.

The longer the service life of the high-pressure nozzle is, the lower the cleaning cost is, and the trouble of replacing the nozzle frequently is saved. The service life of nozzle mainly depends on material selection, processing quality and hardness treatment. The nozzle may be damaged after long-term use, which will affect the cleaning effect of high-pressure cleaning machine. So, how to judge whether the nozzle needs to be replaced?

First, we can observe that the nozzle needs to be changed in time when the spray shape of the high-pressure nozzle is changed, and there are obvious streaks and no normal spray.

In addition, by observing the appearance of the high-pressure nozzle, the nozzle needs to be replaced in time for the safety of the operator in case of external force deformation, melting, sticking scale, corrosion, blocking, wear and other phenomena. Or when the pressure drop or pressure rise occurs in the high-pressure pump, the pressure rise means that the high-pressure nozzle may be blocked and need to be replaced.

In addition, the high-pressure nozzle can be removed by professional detection method, and then taken to the test bench for measurement, and the results are compared with the new products or catalog. When the high-pressure nozzle and new products are very different, in order not to affect the cleaning effect, it needs to be replaced in time.

To sum up, the selection, material, use, maintenance and replacement of high-pressure nozzle will have an impact on the cleaning effect of high-pressure cleaning machine. Therefore, in the normal use of traditional Chinese medicine, more attention should be paid to the wear of nozzle, timely maintenance and replacement, so as to ensure the good use effect of the equipment.



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