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Why is the nozzle of high pressure washer easy to damage

2020-11-20 00:00:00

The cleaning effect and speed of high-pressure cleaning machine depend on the nozzle, so the nozzle is a very important accessory for the equipment. But users will also find that it is also an easily damaged accessory in use. Why?

1. High temperature intrusion on the nozzle: if the high pressure nozzle operates for a long time at high or abnormal temperature, the nozzle may be damaged due to material softening.

2. Corrosion damage: when we use chemical materials to spray and clean objects, these chemicals usually cause corrosive damage to the high-pressure nozzle materials, causing hidden dangers.

3. Nozzle danger: the constant accumulation of chemicals and impurities inside and outside the high pressure nozzle will cause nozzle blockage. This usually affects the spray shape of the nozzle and further affects the working pressure of the high-pressure cleaner.

4. Nozzle accidental damage: for security reasons, although the opening of high-pressure nozzle is usually concave, if we can't use it correctly and can't carry out maintenance in time, the offset structure of fan nozzle is very easy to damage.

5. Nozzle corrosion damage: the possibility of high-pressure nozzle corrosion mainly depends on the working pressure of the high-pressure cleaning machine, the type of chemical materials used, the hardness of the liquid and its flow rate. In addition, particulate impurities in the liquid can also corrode the nozzle. When the high-pressure water jet flows through the metal surface of the nozzle hole, it will cause corrosion damage to the nozzle hole, which usually leads to the pressure reduction of the equipment and the irregular spraying state.

In fact, the problem of nozzle damage of high-pressure cleaning machine has a lot to do with its use environment. If the environment can not be changed, we can only do a good job of maintenance on a regular basis to extend its service life as far as possible.



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