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Application of through type high pressure cleaning machine

2020-11-20 00:00:00

Overview of through cleaning machine: the cleaning machine is composed of electric control, high pressure water pump and cleaning device. The through type cleaning machine has the advantages of simple operation, less faults and uniform cleaning effect.

Application of through type cleaning machine: the cleaning machine can control the pressure of 100-1500bar and the flow rate of 50-300l. It is suitable for cleaning die castings in various industries, and is widely used in hardware industry, frying pan industry, automobile parts and other manufacturing industries.

Features of through cleaning machine:

1. Fast speed, uniform effect, using stainless steel production, a long service life of equipment.

2. Cleaning liquid spray, rinsing, rinsing, blowing, hot air drying and other functions.

3. Working time and temperature of the cleaning machine.

4. It greatly improves the production efficiency and saves the cost.

5. The machine has many workstations, complete functions, reasonable structure, convenient operation and good cleaning effect. Cleaning machine is a fully automatic relay control form, which is of great significance for cleaning a large number of workpieces, improving the working environment and improving the quality of cleaning and drying. In addition to manual loading and unloading, all other processes are automatically completed and can be connected to the conveyor line for use.



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