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Operation procedure of automatic cleaning machine

2020-11-20 00:00:00

Prepare for the prelude

Check the pipeline system of the automatic cleaning machine for leakage. If so, please inform the maintenance personnel for maintenance. Check if the cleaning fluid is sufficient, if not enough, please increase the cleaning fluid in time. First test the vehicle, then run for 2-3 minutes, check whether the transmission system (motor, coupling, reducer) and belt move smoothly, and confirm that everything is normal before production. Turn on the oil slick removal unit (except the oil removal unit) to start removing the oil slick. Therefore, the water pump is still open, the water surface is calm, and the oil drainage effect is good. After basically removing the floating oil, stop the oil removal and drain the oil.

Operational matters

The parts to be cleaned should be neatly placed on the conveyor belt, not on the roller. On the conveyor belt, the parts to be cleaned should not be piled up too much, so as not to affect the cleaning effect. After work, the parts to be cleaned cannot be parked on the conveyor belt. Press the stop button to stop the whole machine. Cleaning machine a machine that uses different methods to clean packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging AIDS and packaging to achieve the required cleanliness. Water and proportion of metal cleaning agent should be added to the cleaning liquid regularly to supplement consumption and keep the liquid level at a high level. If the cleaning effect does not meet the specified process requirements, the cleaning solution should be completely replaced.



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