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How to maintain the high pressure pump of small high pressure cleaning machine

2020-11-20 00:00:00

The small high-pressure cleaning machine is a kind of machine that washes the surface of the high-pressure piston pump through the power device to clean the surface of the object. It can remove the dirt and wash it off, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. Due to the use of high-pressure water column to clean dirt, high-pressure cleaning is also considered as one of the scientific, economic and environmental protection cleaning methods. Can be divided into cold water high-pressure cleaning machine, hot water high-pressure cleaning machine, electric high-pressure cleaning machine, gasoline high-pressure cleaning machine.

High pressure pump is the core component of small high pressure cleaning machine, so we should pay special attention to the maintenance of high pressure pump to make it always in good working condition. When there is a fault, it is necessary to analyze and judge in time. There are many reasons for the pump damage.

For example, unstable water supply and sudden rise of water temperature will damage the high-pressure pump, both of which will lead to bubble cavitation. Excessive pressure of rated parameters, or adding too thick detergent, and inlet pipe without filter joint may damage the high-pressure pump. Sewage and chemical solvents can not enter the pump body, can not be used in dusty environment. Improper adjustment of the pressure relief valve may result in high pressure peaks exceeding the design pressure, which may cause greater damage to the copper pump head connection. Another common drawback is that the washing machine valve is worn due to the mixing of small particles in the water source, which needs attention.

Proper maintenance and good operation habits can prolong the service life of the pump. We should pay attention to avoid the damage of high pressure pump caused by bubble cavitation. Cavitation is the formation and collapse process of bubbles dissolved in water, which will cause various wear and damage to the material surface. The more obvious sign of cavitation is the occurrence of knocking sound. If cavitation occurs, please check whether the pressure cleaning system has the following problems: the size of the water inlet does not meet the standard requirements, the water intake is obviously insufficient, the length of the water inlet pipe exceeds the specified parameters, the water inlet pipe has too large corners, too many elbows are connected, the water inlet pipe has air leakage, and the inlet water temperature and viscosity increase abnormally, The water inlet filter is blocked.



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