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Whats the difference between the pressure of ultra-high pressure cleaning machine

2020-11-20 00:00:00

The use of ultra-high pressure cleaning machine further improves the cleaning efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning industry. The use of ultra-high pressure cleaning machine brings us convenience, but we should also pay attention to how to use it effectively, rather than the higher the pressure, the better.

The higher the pressure of the ultra-high pressure cleaning machine, the higher the performance of the components and the sealing performance of the device, and it needs to be increased accordingly. As a result, the cost increases. Once the pressure is too high, when the injector is sprayed on the surface of the cleaning object, it is likely to cause water splashing, which will adversely affect the cleaning work. As a result, the water pressure will be offset and the water will be atomized. As a result, not only the cleaning efficiency is reduced, but also the cleaning effect is not ideal.

The pressure required by the ultra-high pressure cleaning machine should be comprehensively considered according to the specific requirements of the work, the nature of the surface of the cleaning object and the cleaning degree. The pressure required is scientific and reasonable. Nowadays, when cleaning the high-pressure water jet, the required pressure is determined by experimental and simulation methods.

The high pressure of ultra-high pressure cleaning machine has an adverse effect on the carrying capacity of the cleaning object, and it is easy to impact and damage the cleaning object. Therefore, in the selection of high-pressure cleaning machine, it is necessary to consider the practical aspects, do not blindly pursue high pressure, do not remove the purpose of cleaning.



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